Clinical Tips
What is Burning Tongue Syndrome?
Ten Tips To Spot Drug Seekers
Skin Abscess Care
Setting a Due Month
Exami-Gowns' Mammography Top
Exami-Gowns' OB/GYN Gown
Warming That Speculum
Comforting Patients With Rashes
How About STD Prevention by Dam?
Tampon Use for Female Incontinence
Preoperative Evaluation: Herbals Away
Special Stitches
Differentiating Dementias
Perforated Tympanic Membranes
Back Pain
Is It Whooping Cough?
Ring Removal Using Umbilical Tape
Migraine Headaches
Office Coffee Mugs: Clean As A Whistle or Covered With Bugs?
Elephant Ear Washer
Easy Removal of a Sebaceous Cyst
Legal Tips
Transmittal 1776 regarding the Medicare Carriers Manual, Part 3-Claims Process
Meningitis Risk Profile
Tips for identifying acute coronary syndrome (ACS)
How do I negotiate a non-compete clause?
On reimbursement: Nurse practitioners have at least 4 reasons for attending to ICD-9 (diagnosis) codes, when billing physician services
To avoid litigation: Get informed consent when a medication can cause permanent side effects, and there are less risky alternatives available
What are the 7 fundamental elements of a compliance plan for a medical practice?
What is the difference between case management and disease management?
What reimbursement does a 99214 visit bring?
What documentation is required to back up a bill for a 99214 visit?
How much documentation of negatives does HCFA require?
Am I liable if unlicensed staff give bad advice to my patients?
How an NP can come under investigation by the Board of Nursing
Can a practice bill Medicare for an NP's office visits sometimes under the NP's number (for 85%) and sometimes under a physician's number (for 100%)?
Have a patient's chart in front of you when giving advice by telephone.
Rumor control: The rumor-of-the month is "NPs can't bill for visits above 99213"
Know the difference between a consultation and a referral.
Avoid legal problems by revisiting unresolved problems.
How can NPs avoid getting sued?
Billing for patient telephone calls.
Billing Medicare for a preoperative evaluation.
NPs negotiating compensation often wonder how the physicians in the group share income coming into the practice.
When does a newly hired NP become profitable to a practice?
Are employers obligated to give NPs information on the NP's billing statistics?
Can I "fire" a patient?
What do I do if I am sued for malpractice?

Clinical Pointers
Drug - Nutrient Interaction
Hypertension: JNC VI Highlights
Lab Diagnostics: Focus on Cost Effectiveness and Clinical Outcomes
Liver Enzymes
Overactive Bladder: An Update on Assessment and Intervention

Oral Health Tips
Oral Health of Your Child Begins with You

Updated Decemeber 31, 2002


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